Echos from the dark

It's been a while. It's been a busy, busy while. Lots has happened, and lots is unfolding. Almost all of it is. . .promising. Let me explain. The blog is re-themed, obviously. There are new categories in the wings which will be included for your consideration. Experience has made this venue both exciting and challenging, … Continue reading Echos from the dark


Cupcakes. . .because cupcakes, obviously!

There was recently sufficient cause for me to make, you guessed it, cupcakes! I needed some sort of excuse to utilize the coconut milk I had sitting in the fridge, and frosting is my favorite excuse. . .er. . .*use* for such deliciousness. Being dairy-free means that such lovely things as cakes and frostings really … Continue reading Cupcakes. . .because cupcakes, obviously!

A Job? You Mean I Can Get a Paycheck??

*cue trumpet fanfare*I'VE BEEN HIRED!*ahem* Sorry for the shouting. I suppose it's no surprise that I'm excited about this. I have been looking for work consistently for a year now (with one brief interruption to stay with my dad as he trekked between intensive care units all around Kentucky), with remarkably little success. I can … Continue reading A Job? You Mean I Can Get a Paycheck??

A picture’s worth. . .Scary, scary post, here.

NPR recently ran a piece on the power of pictures in conveying the story of poverty. Now, I'm not about to assert that we're impoverished. There are folks doing with a whole lot less than we have, and I am eternally grateful for what we do have. We don't even qualify for any sort of … Continue reading A picture’s worth. . .Scary, scary post, here.

Winter Farmers’ Markets: How Lucky Are We?

New England is not known for its gentle, delicate winters. Snow and cold make our springs richer, greener, and much more welcome than probably in any other region of the United States. Granted, the area around the Great lakes gets colder, but their springs? Nah. Not enough woodlands.While farming and farmers’ markets have become the … Continue reading Winter Farmers’ Markets: How Lucky Are We?

Cold, Grey, Bucket of Suck

These last few weeks have been particularly difficult.  I have often been reminded of the expression “it’s expensive to be poor”.  I am still looking for work, and am thankful that I am not facing this time alone; my husband works full time for a decent wage.  His earnings alone would put us in line … Continue reading Cold, Grey, Bucket of Suck

Warning: Cookies can lead to plans to save the world!

Every single cookie I made for the holidays was gone by 12/31.  How does this happen?  Dozens and dozens, and they're all gone.  Every last one.  *sigh*  Well, thankfully, there was a sale on flour, and I was able to get 10 pounds of unbleached for $4.  Not a bad deal at all.  And so. … Continue reading Warning: Cookies can lead to plans to save the world!